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2023 Jeans Fashion Trends and Consumer Preferences: Fashion and Practical Function

Release time: 2023/07/21

No matter how fashion changes, jeans remain a classic.
As WGSN noted in a recent internal report on spring 2023 denim trends, consumers are looking for versatility and lasting style, making classic denim a wardrobe staple.
In the recently released "Global Denim Report 2023" by CCI, we see that Chinese consumers choose jeans to keep up with the latest trends and focus on practical functions, while consumers in Western countries choose jeans mainly because of practicality and then follow suit. on the latest trends.
It can be seen from the per capita number of jeans in different countries that the per capita number of jeans is more than 10 pairs in both China and Western countries. Calculated based on the total population, the total number of jeans per capita in China will reach more than 15.4 billion pairs. According to Euromonitor International, China will also become the largest consumer of denim clothing by 2023. By 2024, global denim consumption will increase by 9% to reach US$106 billion.


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