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7 tips on how to choose the right jeans

Release time: 2023/09/04

Jeans have been around since the 19th century, which means they're hundreds of years old. The most interesting thing is that this piece of clothing, which was originally reserved for blue-collar workers, later not only entered the homes of ordinary people, but also became popular culture and continues to this day. The most expensive pair of jeans even sold for $250,000. There are many different styles of jeans these days and we can choose from a variety of different styles in stores. But if we don’t have much time to try them on, is there a way to quickly find the right pair of jeans? Next, the editor compiled 7 tips to teach you how to choose the right jeans.
1. Choice of jeans waistline
There are many styles of jeans, and we can choose the jeans that suit us according to our body characteristics. For example, oval, rectangular, and triangular shapes look better in mid-rise jeans; pear and hourglass shapes look better in high-waist jeans.
2. Focus on quality
When choosing any clothing, pay attention to quality, and when choosing jeans, there is a lot to pay attention to. Such as zippers and buttons. Poor quality zippers and buttons will affect the appearance and may even cause embarrassment due to sudden fall off. Any seams should not be too thick or have too many lines. In addition, it is best to choose elastic fiber, which can make you more comfortable and look good when wearing it.
3. Know the size
Many people may have discovered that clothing from different brands and countries may have certain differences in the same size. In other words, some clothes are the right size for you, and other clothes are the same size but not so good for you. This is why we need to try on clothes when we buy them, especially clothes like jeans. But if we don't have much time, we can use a little trick.
All you need to do is pick up your jeans, clench your fists, and rest your forearms on the waist of the jeans. If you notice a big gap between your forearm and your jeans, your jeans are too big. If your forearms don't fit, the jeans are too small, but if your forearms and jeans fit perfectly, then the jeans are right for you.
4. Zipper and crotch length
The zipper and crotch length of jeans should not be too long as this may make your waist look too short. Normal zipper and crotch area length should not exceed 4 cm.
There's a simple trick to tell if jeans are the right length without wearing them. Simply stretch the entire leg area of your jeans parallel to your arms. During the stretch, your hand should grip the leg of the pants and your other hand should control the waistband area and pull on it. If you can't straighten your elbows, your jeans are too short. However, if your entire arm is the same length as the jeans, then the jeans are the right length for you.
6.Pocket height
Considering the aesthetics of wearing jeans, when choosing jeans, you should also pay attention to the height of the hip pockets, not too low, because if the pockets are too low, your butt will look too flat. The ideal height of the pocket is about 4cm above the inseam.
7.Ankle width
When it comes to skinny jeans and slim-fitting jeans, it’s easy to run into a bad fit if you don’t try them on. But there is a way to help without trying them on. You need to clench your fist and push it through the pant leg to see if the entire fist goes through the seam. If your fist can't punch through, your ankle isn't wide enough. If it passes, that's not a problem.

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