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What can I do to maintain the color of my new jeans?

Release time: 2023/09/04

New jeans may fade when they are first worn. Here are six treatments that can help reduce the problem of fading in your new jeans. I hope they help!
1. Cold water soaking: Soak new jeans in cold water for about 30 minutes before washing them for the first time. This helps reduce dye loss and doesn't fade the color too much.
2. Backwash: Turn the new jeans upside down and wash them by hand with mild detergent or in a washing machine. Choose a gentle wash cycle and try to avoid vigorous mixing.
3. Don’t wash them too much: Try to wash your new jeans as little as possible. Excessive washing will accelerate dye loss and fading.
4. Don’t use bleach: Avoid using bleach to clean new jeans, as this may speed up the fading of the dye.
5. Air dry: Lay the new jeans flat or hang them in a ventilated place to air dry naturally, away from direct sunlight. Avoid using a dryer as high temperatures may cause the dye to run off faster.
5. Chemical Fixer: You may also consider using a commercially available dye fixer, which, when used according to instructions, will help set the dye and reduce fading issues.

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