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Denim Industry Overview

Release time: 2023/09/04

Denim clothing refers to the clothing worn by the original settlers (denim) in the western United States. It is generally yarn-dyed denim made of pure cotton or cotton fiber as the main raw material, blended and interwoven.
Denim production originated in the United States. After a hundred years of changes, denim clothing has evolved from the original workwear into fashion, conquering different stages of people's critical discernment, and finally became an irreplaceable role on the clothing stage, and has become popular all over the world with its natural, uninhibited and youthful style.
Denim fabrics are classified according to weight per unit area and can be divided into three weights: light, medium and heavy. The weight of light denim is 220~340g/m2; the weight of medium denim is 340~450g/m2; the weight of heavy denim exceeds 450g/m2.
The upstream of the denim industry chain is mainly the spinning industry. Denim is an intermediate product in the textile industry chain and mainly provides fabrics for terminal clothing products. The downstream includes clothing manufacturers, clothing brands and other fabric buyers.
In recent years, China's garment industry has made great progress. The development of the garment industry has greatly promoted the development of China's national economy. The total output value of denim clothing accounts for about one-tenth of the country's total output value, and it has ranked first in export surplus for five consecutive years. , the apparel industry has always made great contributions to China's export earnings. At the same time, China has become the world's largest clothing production and processing base, and one out of every three pieces of clothing in the world comes from China.

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