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This year’s new jeans trend! Low waist + trousers accumulation, jeans become more and more fashionable

Release time: 2023/07/21

As a basic item, jeans have been loved by everyone for many years. Meanwhile, jeans never go out of style. Although jeans are a classic piece, the pants have undergone many subtle changes in recent years. It is because of these changes that jeans look more fashionable.

The new trend of jeans this year! Low waist + accumulation of trousers, the more the jeans are worn, the more fashionable they will be

If you often pay attention to European and American street photography, you will find that low-waist jeans have become popular this year. This type of pants paired with a tight or fitted top will give you a very "hot girl" look, so they are also called "hot girl pants."

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